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SEAT Offers a Highly Differentiated Secondary Education for Students Interested in Becoming Creative Innovators in the Performing and Visual Arts.

SEAT’s education model combines great performing and visual arts training with tech entrepreneurship using a pedagogical platform of gifted and talented methodologies with 40 years of research on their effectiveness- Renzulli’s Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM).

The School of Entrepreneurship in the Arts and Technology will engage secondary students in deep learning and creative productions leading to entrepreneurial ventures in the arts and technology. Unlike any other secondary programming in the nation, teachers, students, and community partners on our campus may engage in co-productions that can be monetized in our campus creative incubator.

Our programming has a research base supporting a combination of rigorous academics, a coherent sequence of Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes, veteran teacher talent, and low administrative overhead for the most impact on successful college transition for our graduates.

Adding a consistent focus on creativity and entrepreneurship promotes innovation as the core competitive competency of our students and our economy.

Our approach prepares students to take their career interests and combine them with technology and entrepreneurship to prepare them to be innovators in any field.

While students will audition into the school based on talents and interests in the visual arts, theater, music, dance, film, and gaming, students will more precisely identify their talents for creative production through problem-based investigations while working as professionals creating services, products, and performances in their areas of interests.

Adding information technology, marketing, computer science, and entrepreneurship electives pushes students into refining their career and college pathways. By trying on a variety of real world roles and using different platforms for delivery, students will identify their aptitudes and marketable products and skills.

Unlike other entrepreneurial programs that send students to off-campus incubators, or summer camps or evening programs that require students to pay hundreds of dollars, our entrepreneurship, arts, and technology training are blended into the core academics as part of the daily school program for all four years of high school.

Year-round programming and enrichment differentiated for each student combined with consistent contact and coaching from entrepreneurs and professionals will give every student multiple opportunities to create real products for real audiences. The transition to the workplace or postsecondary education becomes focused, planned, and successful.